New and coming up!

What's new and happening!

I have had a busy summer with work and a healing eye, and the fall seems as equally busy, for which I am very happy. I even got to play and perform with Karen Pillsworth and Odds Bodkin and one of my favourite places - CAMP!

I have been working on new stories since last fall and been polishing them over the summer in preparation for a couple of big gigs and a new CD. There are many stories I know which I don't want to record, as they seem better suited to a live performance and feel that something would be lost in recording them.

The new CD will be a family recording similar to my first two albums, Second-hand Tales and the originally titled More Second-hand Tales. So do I name this new one Even More Second-hand Tales? Used Tales? Passed on Stories? Number Five? (Or six counting Gilgamesh!) Jack John, if you have heard it, will be one of the stories on the album.

In September, next week, I am heading to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Provo, Utah. In October I am returning to the National Storytelling Festival to perform again in Jonesborough, Tennessee. In January, I am off to the Florida Storytelling Festival (great timing for those of us who live in the NE) which is in Mount Dora, Florida. I wonder if I will see Dora or Diago?

So in between all this, I will be working on hte track listing, talking to Rob Brookes about the cover illustrations. You know Rob's work, as it is on all but one of my CDs (Gilgamesh) and on and in my book, Under the Oaken Bough, published by Parkhurst Brothers.

If there are stories you would love to see on the forthcoming album, let me know!

I hope your year has been wonderful so far, and your summer somewhat relaxing, and the rest of the year works out splendidly!

Don't be afraid to reach out!

(Told you your post was inspiring, Marek!)