Young People

Simon Brooks has been telling folk and fairy stories to young people since 1991 and has been telling tales as a profession since 2003. Simon works in schools and libraries, summer and winter camps, with scout and girl guide troops,  home school settings and at festivals, and parks & recreation organizations.

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Teens and adults

Not all folk and fairy stories, myths and legends are for young people. In fact there is a large number of tales which are NOT for young people. Simon tells many stories which thrill and entertain middle school, and high school students and regularly tells his stories to adult audiences. Venues include schools, libraries, colleges, inns, hospitals and museums.

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Simon takes his craft to schools, colleges, museums, hospitals, and libraries, teaching every demographic through 'at-risk' communities to ivy league institutes and all points between. Simon teaches others in the art of public speaking and storytelling, and educates core curriculum.

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