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Very kindly provided by Frank Benesh of Jackson Flicks who filmed the entired Cold River Radio Show, hosted by the talented and fun Jonathan Sarty. This is just one small part of a really great show, held at the Theater in the Woods, Intervale, New Hampshire. Sean’s Red Scarf & The Hodja Seeks a Wife

13 minutes

This story was told at CAMP Exclamation Point in Fairlee, VT 22nd August, 2013. It is about a lad, who is not very smart, who is saved by his wife Gretel, who is! Clever Gretal

19 minutes

This is a return to its more dark origin, and blends the Grimm version with the older Perrault version, adding some of my own story to it. The film was recorded at the White Mountain Storytelling Festival in September 2014, an event created by the New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance and hosted at Waterville Valley, NH. Little Red Riding Hood

12 minutes

An old English story about ecology and respect for the environment. It is close to home for me for a couple of reasons. The photo you see of the farm, for some reason, was something I loved to see. It signaled the final part of a journey home to Worcester, England, when I was coming up from London. When I heard this story as a child I always thought it was about this farm. Three Green Sisters

7 minutes

A slightly chilling Corsican tale, retold by Simon Brooks. The Count and the Girl with the Golden Hair.

12 minutes

Not a story for kids as it is quite chilling! A telling by Papa Joe Gaudet, with drumming by Simon Brooks (bodhrán). November 2017 as part of the New Hampshire's Central Guild Tellabration. The Hobyahs.

8 minutes

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Short Bio:

British storyteller, Simon Brooks was raised on stories and taken to the places where these stories began. Ancient hills, standing stones, and castles were Simon's upbringing. As an acclaimed storyteller Simon Brooks has engaged and transfixed with his powerful performances all over New England. As a master storyteller, Simon has taught and performed at libraries, schools, collages, festivals, camps and at museums!  With his bodhrán and stories, Simon combines the intensity of a solo performance with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation whether on CD or live. People all over New England seek Simon for his storytelling. He is popular with kids, being so kid-like himself, and the twinkle in his eye has adults laughing, too. Like a one man show, comedian, storyteller, raconteur Simon is one of the most popular storytellers the Northeast has.

Long bio:

Simon’s been entrancing audiences for over 10 years. His tales, both live and on his award winning recordings, combine the intensity of solo performance with the intimacy of face-to-face conversations, delighting all. Simon is like a traveling one-man show with his wit, his physical antics, comedy and pathos. Simon's voices and sound effects are perfected to the point where you become lost in the tale as you might a movie, no matter your age.

Simon Brooks began storytelling to groups and family audiences in 1991 in England, becoming a professional teller in 2003 in American.  Born in England and making many trips in and out of Wales, Simon was raised on traditional tales. The love of his work is as inherent as his love of stories.  After you have finished your journey into Simon’s stories, you will wonder how so many memorable characters and voices came out of one man. Audiences, even the most sceptical, leave Simon's presentations fully understanding the magic inherent in a story powerfully told.

Simon performs and teaches at hundreds of venues including schools, colleges, libraries, businesses, museums, camps, private venues and festivals.

E: simon at diamondscree dot com
T: 603-877-0033
M: 603-359-3341