A heart-felt thank you for all these notes…

Monday consisted of more than four hours of storytelling for Brooks, with the day broken into a few different sessions with different age groups.
Some of the stories received gasps, others "ews', and most laughs, but all seemed to delight

- Nashua Telegraph

Magic in Our Midst. "He becomes his story." Watch Simon Brooks work his magic in front of dozons of children and parents and you'll know...
- Kearsarge Magazine

Simon’s ability to engage students brought them to new places and possibilities. Thank you.”
Sherri Nichols, Manchester Director of Federal Projects

"Simon told awesome stories. We had a diverse group of children from preschool through 8th grade and all (including parents) were engaged and enjoying the stories."

"We had a young autistic girl in the crowd that wanted to sit up by Simon, and had trouble keeping still. Simon did a great job engaging her, yet keeping her from interrupting the program."

"Preparing the space/set-up-Simon was amazing and included the children who came to help. He was very 'valuing' and gave them responsibilities which made them feel trusted and empowered."

"Simon was masterful--he really connected with the kids, drawing them in with humor and spontaneity.  This is particularly valuable or this audience of children/youth."

Simon is like a traveling one-man show with his wit, his physical antics, comedy and pathos. Simon’s voices and sound effects are perfected to the point where you become lost in the tale as you might a movie, no matter your age.
- Caladonian Record

Thank you so much for visiting our library and offering a wonderful [storytelling] experience for the children of Barre. …your interaction with some of the kids was uplifting and confidence building!
- The Aldrich Public Library, Barre, Vermont

Thank you for, yet again, a wonderful event. I greatly appreciate your inclusion of our 'helpers'. You made some very special children feel very worthy today. For those kiddos, this will be a day they will always remember - perhaps a day that changed something in them forever.
You are amazing at what you do and who you are only makes it better!
Hopefully we will get to see you again in the future.
Take good care & enjoy every day.

- Jennifer Berkowitz

 Thank you once again for today.  The children, parents, and staff were all amazed at your performance.  When the children returned to their classes they could not wait to begin reading!  You truly made a positive difference in many of their lives and helped to create a wonderful memory.
- Michele Martineau

“Thank you again for a great program.  Got to hear a reaction from multiple generations; the elders really enjoyed it, too!  Will absolutely request you if/when we get another program.  Really appreciate your ability to zero in on different ages in the audience, keeping them all involved…”
- Faye Greerson, Twin Pines Housing Trust

It was a wonderful residency. I share an office space with our District Literacy Coach and was just telling her how much learning occurred during your residency.  Our students learned more in those four days about the elements of a story that I ever would have imagined.
I hope I mentioned this to you, but if I did not, please feel free to use my name as a reference for other school residencies.

 - Patti Osgood, Community Outreach Coordinator

All I can say is WOW! You are simply amazing. I've never seen kids (and adults) so engaged in a storytelling session. Thank you so very much for being so easy to work with, completely understanding the event and what was needed, and doing extra sets...
I will certainly pass your information along to everyone I know and I will recommend you to all internal departments for any kids programming we have here at the Museum. You are incredibly gifted.

- Kim Rzemien, Director of Special Events - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

Simon came into our school for five days and worked with 5-8th grade students.  Typically these students are a hard sell on most “assemblies”, but were even more so when they found out that it was a “story teller” that was coming.  Simon absolutely mesmerized them.   Students were leaning forward in their seat; they wanted to hear more.  As the week progressed, Simon had the students draw from their own life experiences and develop a story of their own. Simon worked cooperatively with the students and teaching staff to help develop the stories. He showed them that a “normal” life experience could become a richly told story when given details and tone.
Simon is able to establish relationships with students that are based on mutual respect.  For this reason, students quickly bond with him and feel safe within the classroom.  He fostered a sense of security and managed the classroom with a calm manner which enabled the students to take a risk in front of their peers to present their stories.  Many of my more timid students got up in front of their peers and not just presented their stories, but in fact performed them!  It was amazing the growth that was seen in just one week’s time.

- Kate Lester, Blue Mountain Union School, Wells River, VT.

Your storytelling inspired Connie and me, and we are considering attending a storytelling workshop in Connecticut...  We have been reading the stories in your book out loud to each other at bedtime the past couple of nights.  You have such a wonderful gift Simon, and we are grateful for having stumbled upon the event in Portsmouth on Saturday night.
- Mike Ingber

Hi Simon,
I just wanted to thank you again for performing at our Camporee. I keep hearing from more and more people about how amazing you were -- and I agree. Way beyond my expectations! Honestly, I wasn't expecting you to be so captivating that a bunch of extremely tired campers would be spellbound -- but they were. I hope to get to enjoy your storytelling again sometime when I'm not running around trying to keep a Camporee running!
Thanks again.

- Rhonda O'Keefe- Girl Scout's Leader, Hudson, NH (Camporee contained kids aged 6 - 16 years!)

Simon - My drama classes and I heard your tales at Nashua North High School today. We were all very impressed and had a lot of fun discussing storytelling and drama afterwards.
Thank you for the excellent stories and for helping to keep storytelling alive.
Take care.

- Walt Freeman, Dept. of English, Nashua North High School

Hi Simon, Just wanted to say thank you for being up here at Trapp's over the holidays!
The feedback from guests was really good, everyone enjoyed the show. I liked how you tied morals into the stories so there was a deeper purpose beyond the entertainment side of it. That's great for everyone, especially the kids!

- Jeff O'Neil, Activities Manager, Trapp Family Lodge

Simon Brooks. His talent? Storytelling. With words, mouth sounds, gestures and abundant passion for his craft, he captivated the families of the Upper Valley and left a sea of charmed smiles in his wake.
- Upper Valley Life

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National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN

New Hampshire Theatre Project, 3rd Annual Storytelling Festival, Portsmouth, NH

National Storytelling Network Conference, Arizona, and Kansas City, MO

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA

Sharing the Fire (the Northeastern Storytelling Conference), Plymouth MA, Nashua NH, & Albany, NY

Timberland Clothing, NH

Connecticut Storytelling Festival, New London, CT

Appalachian Mountain Club, Highland Center at Crawford Notch, NH

Dartmouth College (Family Hop Stop, and Dartmouth Alumn), Hanover NH

NH Association of Education Office Professionals, Keene, NH

The Three Apples Storytelling Festival, Bedford, MA

The Big Splash Festival, Wilder VT

Mount Washington Hotel & Resort, Bretton Woods NH

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