Welcome to Conversations With Storytellers.

This podcast is mostly field work, gathering conversations with some of the best tellers of traditional tales over the phone, and in person where possible.

Conversations with storytellers. Wisdom, folk and fairy tales from our elders.
A meeting with professional storytellers.
After the passing of some great storytellers, I decided I wanted to interview some of the elders in the community of traditional storytelling. I wanted to capture their thoughts, their ideas, and maybe ideals in their own voices. I didn’t want a traditional interview, but a conversation with these folks. I was not looking for deep personal secrets, but for insights on what make these legends in my world tick, what inspired them, what makes them do what they do, and how do they do it.
Some will tell us their favourite stories, others share their thoughts on our profession. Some will give us glimpses of their lives and the lives of those around them, who their mentors and inspiration were or are. All of them share gems of wisdom. Welcome to conversations with storytellers.



Episode One

Welcome to Conversations With Storytellers, a story podcast, by Simon Brooks.

In this first episode, you will be introduced to the amazing Laura Simms. Laura has been telling stories for a long time, as most of our guests have. Laura tells from a place of deep compassion and grew up on the streets of New York. Well, not quite on the streets! Because of time constraints I have been gathering these interviews for a while. This was recorded in December of 2017. Enjoy.

Episode Two

Elizabeth Ellis is one of the top storytellers in the world. This conversation took place a few years ago in a hotel room at the National Storytelling Network Annual Conference.

Episode three

Elizabeth Ellis part two

Episode Four

Donna Washington

Episode Four

Jay O’Callahan


A Future Podcast!

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