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Papa Joe and Simon Brooks telling tales out of school!

To promote the North East Story Telling conference and festival - Sharing the Fire, Papa Joe and Simon Brooks will be appearing together at the Manomet Branch Library, 12 Strand Avenue,  Plymouth, MA!

British storyteller Simon Brooks and New England storyteller Papa Joe Gaudet will be YOUR storytellers on March 22nd, at the Manomet Branch Library, Plymouth.

Come to see and hear Simon tell his silly and fabulous tales from the Celtic people of Britain. As a migrant from the UK who walked the lands of these tales he will be regaling stories about giants and fairies, heroes and smart women!

New Hampshire’s timeless teller, Papa Joe, who’s been wandering the misty marshes, grim graveyards, and vibrant village landscapes, seeking out and sharing the bones of our ancestors for over 50 years will be telling stories that were passed down through Papa Joe's family, which he loves to share. Hilarious, every kid’s favorite, rooted in the ancient molds among the margins of the moment, Papa Joe will be sharing stories told or used by the Puritans when they came over to this ‘new land’.

Very limited seating so arrive early!


1 pm - 3 pm