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Welcome to the website of award-winning British storyteller, educator and voice over artist Simon Brooks. Simon grew up in the dramatic and rolling countryside of Britain, a land rich in tales. Although his love is with the hills of Britain, he tells folk and faerie tales, the deep myths and legends from all over the world.

This teller of tales has taught at schools from elementary level to colleges and has taught at businesses and libraries. His workshops and training include skills on how to present your story, or your business's story. Being able to tell your story enables people to engage and empathize with you.

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Simon has performed and taught all over New England at festivals, museums, schools, libraries, camps, hospitals, and private functions and is waiting for the opportunity to work with you.

He is known for his bodhrán and the extraordinary voices he uses which leave audience members wondering how so many memorable characters came out of one man. Simon's workshops are entertaining and educational.

Simon's extraordinary character voices and accents are also featured in his voice acting for commercials and audio books. He has recorded many audio books, all of which (so far) can be found at He also has a full audio profile at ACX. Simon has recorded a broad range of work from fantasy and sci-fi, to art-prose, poetry and to non-fiction history.

Simon Brooks lives in New London, New Hampshire with his family, a cat and a guinea pig!


  "Songs are like coats, wrapping us in the winter, but stories are like boots which like to travel"
- from Simon's retelling of "The Song Unsung, Story Untold" (© Simon Brooks, 2014)


Simon Brooks is a member of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. The NHSCA, in partnership with the New England Foundation for the Arts, makes funds available to organizations that present Touring Artists. Please click to visit Simon's profile and here - NEFA how to find funding for Simon Brooks to perform at YOUR venue.


  E: simon at diamondscree dot com
  T: 603-877-0033  
  A: 253 Barrett Road, New London, NH 03257
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