All photography by Simon and Aidan Brooks, unless otherwise credited

Since 1991, Simon has been telling to audiences from all over the world. Simon became a full-time, professional storyteller in 2003, released his first CD in 2006, and his first collection of folk and fairy tales in 2018. Simon has won awards and honors for his storytelling albums from Storytelling World and Parent's Choice. Simon travels all over New England and to other parts of the USA, and has told his tales in Europe. He presents anywhere you want him, be it a school, college, library, festival, camp, hospital, business, restaurant, coffee house or home.


Simon's Mission

To spread and share the art of traditional storytelling to a wider audience. To show the power (and need) of the 'ancient stories' of folk and fairy tales, myths and legends. To encourage others to tell their own stories (and personal favorite tales) and keep the art of storytelling alive in all communities, for young people and for adults, by performing live, conducting workshops and producing a podcast of traditional storytelling.

Monday consisted of more than four hours of storytelling for Brooks, with the day broken into a few different sessions with different age groups.
Some of the stories received gasps, others “ews’, and most laughs - all seemed to delight
— Nashua Telegraph, New Hampshire