I have a large and always growing repertoire of tales to pull from. Sometimes it is nice to gather a number of stories together, like friends, for a program that might follow a theme. The following are only suggestions that work. As I said, I can create a program For You. Here are some ideas you might wish to use or be inspired by:

A World of Tales: Great stories from all over the world including the often requested How Ananzi Gave Us Stories. Tales of love, long journeys, shape shifting girls battling dragons, and one inch boys are often included. Great family entertainment for the home, library, camp, or school. All ages.

Nature: These tales come from American, African, European and other World sources. They include the story of beaver's race with turtle (with permission from Joseph Bruchac), how Raven brought light to humans, why bear's tail is short, tales of trees, and more. All ages.

Fright Night: These tales are stories that will chill listeners to the bone. But don't worry - I provide age specific programs! A Fright Night can be suitable for children aged 4 and up, but works REALLY well for older listeners (11 plus). Programs can be family friendly, or broken into 'acts' or parts: I do half a presentation for younger kids and then half a presentation for older kids. This allows me to cater to both younger children and older children, and by having a break where the younger ones leave (snacks, games etc) and can I continue telling more chilling tales to the remaining adults and older children, or move to a different location. I also do programs for adults with longer, way more chilling, and in some cases slightly disturbing stories (like Poe's Black Cat). Let me know what your chill factor is!

 Winter Tales: stories from all over the world that celebrate winter and the coming of spring. Great for the winter holidays.

Treasure: Stories of treasure found in unlikely places, pirates, and a Greek myth can all found in this entertaining program for those 4 years old and up.

Celtic Tales: Stories from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, told by a Briton! It doesn't get much more authentic than that!

 Photograph - Simon Brooks, © 2018

Photograph - Simon Brooks, © 2018

Adult Programs

Loves Labors, Loves Lost: It's not Shakespeare! Sometimes the happy ever after takes hard work, sometimes it comes naturally, and sadly, sometimes it is lost. In these tales, a princess needs to get married but cannot choose to whom (or what!); Henry has to overcome a great test to marry his true love; a burly Scot falls in love with and marries one of the fay (one of the good people); and we will hear of a misunderstanding between a happy couple and how they reconcile.

Where the Ravens Feed: Ravens are smart, are sometimes seen as creatures that forebode dark times, but ravens also like to play. All this is brought to the table with intimate telling of the 1st Century Anglo-Scandinavian story of Weyland Smith, bawdy tales, funny stories and darn good yarns that might leave you yearning for more. From ancient ballads told in story form to dark tales I learned in my youth, I will share stories you'll never forget.

A program of adult tales. This program is not for children. High school and older recommended.

Above, are all examples of programs I offer. Sometimes you might want a performance filled with ghost tales; you might want a series of creation stories, or tales from Scandinavia, Greek myths, or British tales of King Arthur. You may want water stories, animal tales, or just a number of ripping yarns for a given audience. Whatever your needs are, please let me know, but remember, the more notice I get, the better program I can offer. If there is something you definitely have in mind that is not in the above list of ideas, please talk to me in advance so I can work with you to create your own personal program at no additional cost. 

Fees and details

Because each and every performance is unique, each venue is different, and your needs differ to others, please call to discuss what you want, so I can make a personal quotation for you.
My rates vary from $350* - $1,500 depending on your needs and the time I am with you.
*Rural libraries with limited budgets, please ask for the special reduced rate.
Mileage fees (Federal rate) will be applied, and when traveling outside of New England, others costs may also apply.

A single visit for up to an hour: $350.00

Half a day (three hours): $500.00 - $700.00

Full day (up to eight hours): $800.00 - $1,000.00
With an evening performance: $1,000.00 - $1,200.00 (also vegetarian evening meal to be provided)

Artist in Residence from $1,000.00 - $5,500.00 depending on days and hours.

Rural libraries and schools with limited budgets, please ask for the special reduced rates.
Mileage fees (Federal rate) will be applied, and when traveling outside of New England, others costs may also apply.

I travel anywhere you need and at most times, when I am available. I cover the whole of New England and travel to other states, such as Arizona, Indiana and Missouri, to perform and teach my craft. Where do you need me?

Looking for something special like a package, or have a budget to work with? Please call about pricing, we can talk. Each performance is unique in its time, place and requirements and I would like to accommodate you. Above are some guidelines.

Program Length:
Single performances can be between 40-60 minutes in length.
Want a full day? A couple of days? Storytelling on the top of a hill or mountain, or deep within the woods? A theatre, corporate headquarters? In any environment, I can present performances and/or workshops. Additional evening performances are often added.
Looking for full week or month-long residences? I have you covered.

I provide workshops and residencies for any organization be it educational, corporation, or small business.

 Artwork by S Aidan Brooks © 2018

Artwork by S Aidan Brooks © 2018

I have been likened to a traveling one-man show with my humour (I'm British!), physical antics, comedy and pathos. I work hard on my craft, on the voices and sound effects I use to the point where you will lose yourself in the story as you might in a great movie - no matter your age.

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