simon's Story

Do you want Simon as YOUR storyteller? You are not the only one. People all over New England seek Simon for his storytelling. He is popular with kids, and the twinkle in his eye also has adults laughing. Like a one man show, comedian, storyteller, raconteur Simon is one of the most popular storytellers the Northeast has. Raised in Worcester, England, Simon has lived in London, Eastbourne, Brighton, and Hastings where he rediscovered storytelling. Simon traveled Europe, and moved to the States in 1994 and has lived in Portland, Oregon; Boston, Massachusetts; and has lived in New Hampshire for over 12 years.


Simon’s work as a storyteller and voice actor began in 2003. He has won honors from Storytelling World and Parent's Choice, including the latter's prestigious Silver Honors, and Gold Award for his storytelling CDs and retelling of Gilgamesh. Simon has recorded a number of audio books for other writers, all of which can be found on (There is one book mentioned - "Z Wars" -  which, however, he did NOT narrate!) Simon also has a collection of seventeen folk and fairy tales out published by Parkhurst Brothers, Inc, Publishers, called "Under the Oaken Bough." It also contains a tips on telling section, a suggested reading list, an author Q & A, and a vocabulary list.

Simon performs all over the USA and continues to write and take photographs when he is not telling and teaching stories!

Thank you once again for today.  The children, parents, and staff were all amazed at your performance.  When the children returned to their classes they could not wait to begin reading!  You truly made a positive difference in many of their lives and helped to create a wonderful memory.
- Michele Martineau, para and special educator

Simon studied photography at college in England, which was his career for a good many years. He has a blog which features some of his artwork and photographic work:

Simon has worked as a professional photographer; managed Youth Hostels in the England; run coffee shops in Portland, Oregon; worked with CFOs, CEOs and CIOs when he worked in corporate America for a large phone company; and been a children's librarian in Vermont. He is a published writer and poet, recording voice artist, and full time storyteller and performer.

Simon resides in New London, New Hampshire, New England, New World with his family, their cat, and rescued dog, Moe.