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Aidan's Blue Faether
Artwork by S. Aidan Brooks, copyright 2013

Dear Mr. Brooks,
You recently recorded a my Kindle Single, "A Faithful Man" for, and I just wanted to tell you how fine a job I think you did on my book. I've listened to the recording, and you matched, almost perfectly, the voices I heard in my head as I wrote the piece. Thank you very much for your excellent work, and I do hope we get an opportunity to collaborate again at at some future date.
- Robert (Bobby) Elkin

All I can say is WOW! You are simply amazing. I've never seen kids (and adults) so engaged in a storytelling session. Thank you so very much for being so easy to work with, completely understanding the event and what was needed, and doing extra sets...
I will certainly pass your information along to everyone I know and I will recommend you to all internal departments for any kids programing we have here at the Museum. You are incredibly gifted.

- Kim Rzemien, Director of Special Events - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

Don and me and our engineer (and I’m sure our listeners) were mesmerized as you told  “One Wish.”  It was magical!
- Brigham University Radio Morning Show, Provo, Utah.

Thank you for an awesome workshop today!  The kids and teachers enjoyed it very much...the 5th graders did a great job re-telling those stories.  They felt so good about their performances afterward and the 3rd graders were so proud of their was a great day!  My 3rd and 5th graders came home so excited.  My first grader was mad that he did not get to see you this year that he kept saying "I did not listen to any Simon Brooks's not fair!"  the entire ride home from school...he is so funny, so we told him he'll get his chance next year.
- Patty Trant, teacher, West Elementary School, Andover MA

Hi Simon, I just want you to know that the feed back from Friday was wonderful.  Evening performance was great. PTA moms want to do an all school assembly/ perhaps Artist in Residence if  funding allows. Thanks for coming.  I will try to gather the written responses from the teachers for the afternoon workshop. Definitely needed more time for that one.
Thanks again.

- Ann Silverstein, Enfield Village School, Enfield, NH

Simon came into our school for five days and worked with 5-8th grade students.  Typically these students are a hard sell on most “assemblies”, but were even more so when they found out that it was a “story teller” that was coming.  Simon absolutely mesmerized them.   Students were leaning forward in their seat; they wanted to hear more.  As the week progressed, Simon had the students draw from their own life experiences and develop a story of their own. Simon worked cooperatively with the students and teaching staff to help develop the stories. He showed them that a “normal” life experience could become a richly told story when given details and tone.
Simon is able to establish relationships with students that are based on mutual respect.  For this reason, students quickly bond with him and feel safe within the classroom.  He fostered a sense of security and managed the classroom with a calm manner which enabled the students to take a risk in front of their peers to present their stories.  Many of my more timid students got up in front of their peers and not just presented their stories, but in fact performed them!  It was amazing the growth that was seen in just one week’s time.

- Kate Lester, Blue Mountian Union School, Wells River, VT.

Hi Simon,
I just wanted to thank you again for performing at our Camporee. I keep hearing from more and more people about how amazing you were -- and I agree. Way beyond my expectations! Honestly, I wasn't expecting you to be so captivating that a bunch of extremely tired campers would be spellbound -- but they were. I hope to get to enjoy your storytelling again sometime when I'm not running around trying to keep a Camporee running!
Thanks again.

- Rhonda O'Keefe- Girl Scout's Leader, Hudson, NH (Camporee contained kids aged 6 - 16 years!)

Simon - I wish I could send you all of the praises for you adn your stories, but I can give you my utmost appreciation for making Anne's day even more special. A room is a room until you fill it with wonderful people and spirit - you did both. Thank you again.
- Ruth M. - birthday party for 'grown-ups'

Simon - My drama classes and I heard your tales at Nashua North High School today. We were all very impressed and had a lot of fun discussing storytelling and drama afterwards.
Thank you for the excellent stories and for helping to keep storytelling alive.
Take care.

- Walt Freeman, Dept. of English, Nashua North High School
Hubert Family Camp Note

What a wonderful day the students had with you! Thank you for all the valuable information you shared about storytelling, as well as, the entertaining stories you told. I'm so glad that you were able to spend the day here, and not just perform in the evening. It gave ALL the children the opportunity to meet you. I'm sure all the teachers will appreciate the information you have shared. Thanks again, Simon, for enriching our lives with your storytelling. It's a wonderful art that you have mastered!
Pam Beck - Madison Elementary School, NH

Hi Simon, Just wanted to say thank you for being up here at Trapp's over the holidays!
The feedback from guests was really good, everyone enjoyed the show. I liked how you tied morals into the stories so there was a deeper purpose beyond the entertainment side of it. That's great for everyone, especially the kids!
- Jeff O'Neil, Activities Manager, Trapp Family Lodge

Simon, It was great to have you join us. I know the kids and parents who attended your stories kept saying, "that was really good" and "Did you jump, too, when...?" It was a lot of fun and a great experience they'll carry with them. So thank you from all of us!
Till next time

- Katie Johnson, One Planet, Sharon, VT

Hi Simon. My wife and my two children, Bethany and Jordan, are big fans. My kids go everywhere we can find you to hear you. My daughter Bethany is especially a big fan. And yes, I'm a big fan too! We've been on a long drive from the Upper Valley down to Maryland, and your CD has been an absolute Godsend. Several different times Bethany said, "Can we listen to Mister Simon now?" The long one about Jessee and the 9-headed dragon [Shape-shifting Girl] is a particular favorite. Storytelling is now just a big part of what we all do as a family and has been a great addition to our usual regimen of books, art, and music. Really wonderful. The kids now tell their own, as well as repeating many of your [stories]. My six-year-old can tell [The Goat from the Hills] and Mountains] nearly verbatim, with accents and all, and my four-year-old likes to try too. Often when we tell them they're not allowed to do something … they'll put on that goat voice and answer, "Eeeehhhhhh. Waddayadoinah? Don't you know who I am?" So from all of us, just want to say thanks for all the joy you bring to our little ones.
- Ken Davis and family, fans!

Simon. Thanks for your outstanding presentation today. I really enjoyed it and clearly the kids did too. Inspirational! I am sorry I did not get to meet you after.
- Erik Schickedanz, Title I Coordinator, Halifax School - June 2010

"Thank you for giving us ... your engaging storytelling performance at Hartland elementary School. The kids and adults all seemed to thouroughly enjoy your performance."
- Jen Thygesen, Everybody Wins, Upper Valley Buissness and Education Partnership - Spring 2010

"I just have to thank you for telling me about the Granite State Storytelling event in New London. You are kinetic, funny, charming, engaging, and you allow adults to be children, or should I say, it makes no difference what age one is when listening to you. It was really really good to hear and see you, and to observe your audience."
- Lynda Day-Martin, storytelling fan

"Another great night at the Story Cafe! Simon filled the space with his wit and talent. He is so at ease on stage and played with the audience along the way, offering us stories that spanned from seafaring tale, to an enchanted princess. I loved his version of The Piper's Revenge, peppered with just enough historical background to put some more meat on the bones. I heard so many complimentary comments from folks as they lingered for a bit after his performance."
-Karen Chace, organizer of Story Cafe, New Bedford, MA

"Simon - Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you gave December. Students and staff are still talking about it. Our principal even brought it up at the school board meeting! I have enclosed some dragons and the information I sent along to our generous funders (the Green Mountain Festival Series). We look forward to having you back in future years!"
- Jeanie Phillips, school librarian

To see thank you notes from the Chester Andover Elementary School, click here!

"Simon – You were awesome yesterday! Thanks so much for coming AND telling some grand stories. Your support of the Valley Quest program is so very much appreciated."
- Len Cadwallader, Executive Director, Vital Communities

"Hi Simon!
We got your CD
[More Second-hand Tales] in the mail a couple days ago. My two boys have listened to it probably at least 30 times. They love it! They can't decide which is their favorite story and neither can I.
Thanks again!"
- Marla Fredette, parent

"Hi Simon,
We had a wonderful time with you! Everyone really enjoyed your visit and storytelling. I particularly admired how you really got into character-you looked and acted so different for different characters, even your facial expressions turned you into the character of the moment, a true talent.
Best wishes and happy storytelling!"

- Kim Brewster, Library Media Specialist, Bow Elementary, Bow, NH

"Bravo Simon - Your talent is a gift, and an astonishing one at that. You're so astoundingly good at it!"
- Barbara Rogasky, children's author

"Simon - One of my 5th graders, an extremely "cool" fifth grader, let the other students know when entering school Friday that if they were not at Literacy Night they missed an amazing event - very out of character for her to be so complementary about school events. Most of the 26 students there were raving about you for the entire day Friday. Thanks for the entertaining and fun night."
JoAnn Vana, Principal, Brownington Central School, Brownington, VT

"Simon - Thank You for undertaking another CD!
Thank You for a wonderful collection of Second-hand Stories!
Thank You for making my 3 year old giggle uncontrollably ("I'm so clever, I'm so clever, I'm so Cleverrrrr!").
We checked out your CD from the library; it is quite clear I will have to invest in a copy of our own, as your stories are now a part of every day at my house.
Your gifts are a rare gem and we are so grateful you have chosen to share your talent.
We'll hope to see you at Bretton Woods and in Wolfeboro this year."
The Pike Family, Tamworth, NH - New fans!

"Hi - I must say I was very impressed with Simon's performance at the high school level. I was interested to see how it played out. It was evident, watching the students, that Simon held their attention well. I witnessed some of the [high school] students actually laughing in parts that were funny. I truly was impressed."
- Martha Ouellette, President Elect of the New Hampshire Association of Educational Office Professionals

"Dear Simon,
You were just what we were hoping for yesterday. Your presentation was delightful, engaging and you connected so well with our children. Their "bravo" was a definite compliment to you. Thank you for following Sister Susan's vehement request to entertain but to elicit respect and engagement from the children: you did it without resorting to comic relief!! We are grateful as children are accustomed to the "wilds" on tv and in the movies. You left them with your stories in their minds. My best and happy holiday ahead with your family."
- Sister Barbara, Notre Dame Children's Class, Wenham, MA

"Saturday night was 'wicked good' as they say in N.H. My granddaughter said they were the best stories she's ever heard. We truly appreciated your performance. Thanks...Judi K.
- Judi Knowles, Children's Librarian, Moutonborough, NH

"Hi Simon, thanks again for this terrific show. We loved it!"
- Michael M, Parent, Arlington, MA

Hi Simon,
I just want to thank you again for the excellent program you did at our library. I always consider an event a great success when the parents enjoy it as much as the kids. In the three years I have been here, your program brought the most complimentary comments from parents - and the kids lining up for autographs was priceless. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
- Patty Falconer, Children's Librarian, Hampstead, NH


Hi Simon - I just wanted to let you know how appreciated your talents were at the [town] barbeque. You're the best, everyone says! Thanks so much for doing the show, Simon, it was fantabulous. Your cd was checked out of the library this morning.
Susan DAmico, librarian, Roxbury, VT

Dear Simon,
What an incredible performance! The kids (and adults) were clearly entralled and love loved every minute! I was so impressed that even on the last day of school, you kept them completely focused. Thank you for a truly memorable program.
- Kathy Tracy, librarian, New London, NH

Hi Simon. I really enjoyed your storytelling tonight. Your quick switches from character to character were inspired. I think you're really fun to watch as well as to listen to - great voices and sound effects. Your movement was precise and speedy with all the quick character changes. Why, it was so fast that it almost made me dizzy. But in a good way - like rolling down a hill and getting out of control with laughter.
Your personal style is less set than all the guys who've been at this biz for 30 or more years. So you've got the freshness of experimentation in your telling. It's a good thing to have. Keep it for as long as you can.
Your fan
, Pat
- Pat Spalding, storyteller

"On a whim a bunch of mommy friends and our gangs went to the Wolfeboro Library over our spring break and I just wanted to take a minute to say WOW! It was wonderful!! You were so interactive and captivating for all ages.Thank you for sharing your gift with our town. It was definitely a highlight of our break. Looking forward to hearing your stories again sometime. Keep up the magic."
- Andrea Keslar and family, New Hampshire

"Simon - You knew how to gear the stories to the age level and size of the group. You managed to thread your way through them all and know when to help them get their wiggles out. And the kids loved the sounds effects!

- Barbara Widmer - Librarian, Wolfboro Public Library

"Hello Simon, Thank you for the stories - your CD sounds great and I'm really happy to hear you doing such a fine job keeping the traditions alive - it's so important! The music is cool, too!
"I'm going to bring it home to my daughter. She grew up listening to Jackie Torrence and loves good storytelling.
"Best of luck!
"Your friend, Dan Z"
- Dan Zanes, musician, Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Simon - We got the cd yesterday, thanks very much. It is a hit! I came down to find both girls snuggled under a blanket on the cozy chair, enthralled - not even poking each other or trying to steal the blanket . . . And then my daughter wouldn't get out of the car mid-story so we sat in the school parking lot until "Death in a Nut" was done.
Such fun. Thanks."

- C.M. Robinson - parent

"Hi Simon - I gave my niece, Frances, your CD for her birthday. She has listened to it every night since then and she is ready for another one, she informed me today. So I thought I should let you know that your fans are clamoring for more! You better get back to that recording studio and pop out volume 2."
- Laura Dintino - storytelling fan!

"Hi Simon - I wanted to express our marvelous experience with your CD. Recently I drove my two daughters plus three of their friends from the Upper Valley to Waterbury, VT for a visit to Ben & Jerry's. The five girls, ranging in age from 5 to 9, got along well for the first part of the trip with little intervention on my part. But as we grew closer to our destination, the bickering began. In response, I put in your CD and played the first story, Anansi. The girls quickly grew quiet and all listened raptly. By the end of that story we had reached our destination, and I promised to play the remaining stories for the ride home. Before we were even in the car for the ride home, the girls were reminding me to play the CD. I put it in, and all five girls were completely silent and mesmerized from the very first word to the very last. Your storytelling CD did the impossible: we drove for approximately one hour without one word from five girls! Thank you, thank you - maybe there is hope for family road trips after all."
- Katrina McCurley, parent & children's librarian, Dunbar Free Library, Grantham, NH


"Dear Simon - Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining morning. It was the perfect start to the Summer Reading Program. I estimated 97 adults and children were gathered around. The rest of the staff told me that many adults thought you were fantastic. The children were quite rapt considering some were fairly young. The voices you use and the movement certainly kept them alert. We have 72 children signed so far and I think that to be a wonderful start to "Treasure Reading". Thank you for helping make the program a success and for being so accommodating. Have a great summer."
- Barbara Widmer, Children's Librarian, Wolfeboro Public Library, Wolfeboro, NH

"Dear Simon - I just wanted to say how wonderful your visit to our school was this past week - it was such a great gift to everyone. Your stories were funny, inspiring and uplifting. It was truly remarkable that you were able to hold the rapt attention of the children for over 50 minutes. Their diverse ages (K-6) made it an especially difficult assignment and you made it all look easy. Again, thank you for your energy and inspiration. Have a great summer."
- Kerry Rosenthal, educational consultant, Event Planner, Wellborn Ecology Conference

"Hi Simon: I am very pleased to have met y'all. I was captivated by the stories you told brought out the child in me and I remember the stories like a movie playing inside my head. You kept us very interested and stretched our highly & culturally depleted attention spans so that we grew, upward, more focussed on Saturday afternoon. We definitely need the gift of your talents...may your story telling bring wisdom and joy to many."
-Daryl (parent)

"...the children and staff enoyed your telling very much. I was stopped in the hall by the 8th grade teacher to tell me that her class admitted that they didn't think they would like the session, but after attending they came away wanting more. One student suggested that it would be great to invite you back (to perform at) their graduation in June"
- Kathleen, Cornish Elementary School, PTO


Kids really liked it - a few 'tough customers' actually told me it was "really cool" and asked if we could have Simon back"
- Andrea Poe, Children's Librarian, Barton, VT

"The children laughed and screeched and rolled around on the gym floor in delight (at least they rolled around as much as the teachers would let them)!
He's a very animated and funny storyteller"

- Peg Downing, Children's Literacy Foundation (CLiF) advisor

"Thank you for kicking the week off with your great stories. The kids all enjoyed it."
- Bonna Wieler, Vershare Camp director, Hanover, NH

"Thank you for your storytelling session at the library. It was delightful."
- Sue Kling, Librarian, Orfordville, NH

"You are great!"
Bruce Genereaux, owner, Upper Valley Events Center, Norwich, VT

"Thank you, Simon, for your wonderful presentation at the Brentwood CLiF Grant
program. We have had nothing but praise from the teachers and students at the
school. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you again for everything."

- Marilyn Morehead, Mary E. Bartlett Library, Brentwood, NH

  Simon is a member of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) and the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling (LANES).
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