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Artwork by Rob Brookes, © 2011,

Second-hand Tales (suitable for those aged 4 and up)

The Stories:
How Ananzi Received Stories (from Africa)
Death In a Nut (from Scotland)
The Three Feathers (from Austria) This story was awarded Honours by Storytelling World in 2012
Jaguar and Hare (from South America)

Running time: about 60 minutes.


The Players:
Rick Barrows - Mandolin
, tenor banjo
Maureen Burford - Violin
Steve Glazer - Guitar
Simon Brooks
- Storyteller, bodhran
(Music by Barrows, Burford, Glazer and Brooks, © 2006)

Simon Brooks, storyteller: Second-hand Tales

Artwork by Rob Brookes, © 2011,

More Second-hand Tales (suitable for those aged 5 and up) awarded Silver Honors by Parent's Choice

The Stories:
The Dragon and the Monkey's Heart (from India)
The Shape-shifting Girl (a retelling of a Norwegian tale)
The Goat From the Hills and Mountains (an Hispanic tale from Alma Flor Ada)
One Wish (an Irish tale remembered from childhood)

Running time: about 60 minutes.


The Players:
Rick Barrows - Mandolin,
tenor banjo
Steve Glazer - Guitar
Greg Gundlach
- Guitar
Simon Brooks - Storyteller, bodhran
(Music by Barrows, Glazer, Gundlach and Brooks, © 2008)

Simon Brooks, storyteller: More Second-Hand Tales

Artwork by Rob Brookes, © 2011,

A Tangle of Tales (suitable for those aged 8 and up) awarded Gold Award by Parent's Choice and this CD was awarded Honours by Storytelling World in 2012

The Stories:
The Song Unsung, the Story Untold (from India)
The Fly
(from Vietnam)
The Piper's Revenge
(from Scotland)
The White Trout
(from Ireland)

Running time: about 70 minutes.


The Players:
Rick Barrows - Mandolin
, mandola
Rachel Clark - accordion, whistle, Irish flute
Steve Glazer - Guitar
Simon Brooks - Storyteller, bodhran

(Music written by Rachel Clark © 2011)

Simon Brooks: A Tangle of Tales


Rob Brookes, artistThe cover artwork for all the CDs was done by Rob Brookes. Rob, like myself, is British, but Rob still lives in the UK. We have known each other for over 20 years. He and I worked cross-Atlantic, back and forth with phone calls and emails on the design for the CDs. Rob is a good friend of mine from way-back-when. I have always wanted to work with him in some form or another. I wrote a book which he started to illustrate, but I have not yet found a publisher for it! Rob is one of the best artists I know. His imagination is literally out of this world. He is the consummate professional and brings so much life to his art. I cannot say enough about his talents, but will let his work speak for him. If you care to work with a British artist residing in the UK, then you can contact Rob by emailing

Second-hand Tales was recorded off grid by Kristina Stykos. Kristina is an accomplished musician herself, not only a member of a number of bands, but also as a solo performer. Kristina's studio is Pepperbox Studios, Chelsea, Vermont and is completely off the grid.

More Second-hand Tales and A Tangle of Tales was recorded by Steve Blanchard in Fairlee, Vermont. He is founding member of the rock and roll band 'The Conniption Fits' did a great job with the kids and Steven and I talked about recording my second CD. He has his own studio in West Fairlee, VT. Stevens did a great job with both CDs! He is a self confessed Anglophile. He is also doing some amazing solo work which you can find if you Friend him on Facebook! - which is the best way to find out what he is doing!

I recorded the stories for A Tangle of Tales at home (Studio 68aa) in New London with very little low-tech gear and no top end gear (I have none)! The music was recorded by Steve Blanchard at his studio in West Fairlee where he put it all together and made sound wonderful.

Steve Glazer, my friend, colleague, and huge supporter played a Taylor guitar on the three CDs. Steve has given me no end of support for not only my CDs, but for my career as a storyteller. He is an amazing guitarist and without him, the music on the first two CDs would not have been what it is - fantastic. Steve loves guitars & gardening, friends & family, dancing & his dog, music, meditation and Questing! He is currently the author/editor of four books: Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts, Valley Quest: 89 Treasure Hunts in the Upper Valley, Valley Quest II: 75 MORE Treasure Hunts and The Heart of Learning. Visit for more information.

Rick Barrows plays a Flatiron mandolin on all three CDs. I heard him first playing "properly" at Peabody Library, and, having fun, at Treasure Island, Thetford Town's beach (in Fairlee, VT). He is a friend who I have a great deal of respect for, as a musician, recorder of artists and father! His advise and generosity towards me has been amazing. He plays in two contradance bands: Northern Spy and Cuckoo's Nest.

Maureen Burford is the fiddle player on my first CD Second-hand Tales. We went into the studio a day after she returned from a long trip from the other side of the country. Despite suffering from jet-lag, she gave over 100% to the recording. Maureen provided rehearsal space, a generous spirit for this project and a lot of creative input to the music. Maureen started violin in 4th grade, but never liked to practice much! She dances a lot, is heavily involved with Revels North, and still tickles the ivories once in a while.

Greg Gundlach performed on guitar for More Second-hand Tales. He is one of the most creative people I know. He is a painter, photographer, printer, inventor, musician and friend. What he can't do isn't worth talking about!

Rachel Clark. Rachel was introduced to me by Rick. She sent me a copy of "The Waltz at the Edge of the World" and said I could do something with it if I wanted to and I knew I wanted to put it with The White Trout which is the lightening rod of A Tangle of Tales. She is a wonderful musician and plays in a number of bands, including The Wind That Shakes The Barley, and records with Bob DeMarco, and their website Blackbird is a great place to listen to more of her music and Bob's. Great Stuff! On A Tangle of Tales Rachel plays an Irish flute, Bb whistle, and piano accordion, which is not a squeeze box she tells me!

Making a storytelling CD is not a solo project, but is one filled with many helpers on all levels. It is not just, in my case, a question of recording my stuff and putting it on disc. Many people contributed to the whole process, from finding and learning the stories, to ideas and encouragement. These thanks extend to the families of all those who helped. Thanks for letting my friends "play" with me and my ideas. Thanks to my friends who have looked after the kids when needed, given energy and support to this project and to our lives. Robert Smyth gave very generously of his time for the first CD, providing advise that I took and applied to all my projects. Curt Doughty, a friend, professional photographer and musician out in Seattle, WA told me I could do it easily and I should not be so worried. He was right about the worrying! Thanks to the many people of storytelling community which is filled with very creative people, not only storytellers, but graphic designers, and artists in other fields and mediums. All these people helped create the CD and make it what it is, however, any faults that you might find are entirely my own.

Of course without my family none of this would have been possible. Thanks guys, I love you!

  If you want to hear full tracks, go to Free Stuff! and stream from there, and you can also get rough work at:  
  Simon is a member of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) and the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling (LANES).

Second-hand TalesMore Second-hand TalesA Tangle of Tales

CDs, including the award winning More Second-hand Tales, and A Tangle of Tales are available from Simon directly, from CD Baby and these local stores:
Artisans, New London, NH 603-526-4227
Chapman's Store, Fairlee, VT 802-333-9709
Green Mountain Books and Prints, Lyndonville, VT 802-626-5051
Morgan Hill Bookstore, New London, NH 603-526-5850
Norwich Bookstore, Norwich VT 802-649-1114
Wider Than The Sky, Newport, VT 802-334-2322


Contact Simon Brooks
T: (603) 877-0033
New Hampshire


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